How to make learning exciting for kids at home?

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Not all kids are alike, and neither is their learning style. What may work for one might not suit the other. This aspect does not get considered in classroom learning, but you can indeed alter this perspective. When kids learn at home, it should not be another classroom session. So, how do you find a way to make it exciting?

There are many things you can do. Firstly, try to understand the aptitude and interests of your child and then work towards improving them. This is the best way to enhance their potential and explore their liking. You do this by observing them while playing kids indoor games. Try to grasp the things they say and do that indicate their interests. Once you know this, you can incorporate these things to make their learning enjoyable.

Here are some ways:

Encourage hands-on games:  There are many baby learning toys available to help your kids learn in their playtime. These include building blocks, puzzles, playdoh, fruit sets, activity kits, etc. Children get to learn hands-on from such games where they create and do things on their own. From making a simple house with the blocks to recognising fruits and shapes, they unknowingly learn many skills through these playthings.

Let them lead: The common mistake adults make underestimating the potential of a child. We try to guide them through everything. This limits their capabilities and always makes them depend on you for doing things. This is why learning feels like a task that you are making them do. Hence, it is essential to let them explore their own to feel a sense of accomplishment when they finally learn something.

Make it practical: Learning seems like a dreadful activity for many children because they do not associate it with their daily lives. Tell them why they learn specific concepts and how it impacts their lives. For instance, explain the meaning behind the rhymes they sing or the lessons they learn. It keeps them engaged and informed about the purpose of studying something rather than cramming concepts.

Incorporate music: Musical notes evoke positivity and lightness in the learning atmosphere. It is a great way to memorise difficult things. That is why kids in their early years are taught through rhymes, poems, and phonic sounds. Even the complex tables become simple with a touch of tones. Most of the educational toys for toddlers come with such musical notes to help your kids learn in a fun way.

Focus on performance:  Kids learn by making mistakes, it is a natural phase in the process, and it is okay if they are not the smartest. Try to focus more on their efforts and encourage them regardless of the results. Even if they goof up, they can bounce back quickly when they know your trust in them.

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