Build your kids ant habitat for education & fun

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The system of education has been rapidly evolving over the ages, and in the recent times, there have been certain amendments to the system so as to incorporate natural cycles in a minuscule form inside the bookish theory knowledge so that children can actually visualize the processes that are happening outside the old four walls of the schoolroom.

Embracing this new figurative approach can be rather challenging for some of the parents, as they’re concerned with the primary risks involved in such methodologies, but such vacillations have been eradicated soon enough as they children from the elementary levels are introduced to the lifecycle of the largest colonial insects of the world – the ants. These territorial species, with tenacity to work for prolonged hours & an efficiency to carry 8 times of their own weight signifies the grandeur beauty of nature’s creation. These creatures are an effective educational tool that helps to establish rules & resources to teach the kids of working collaboratively for maximized results. Helping your kids to build a kids ant habitat would an ideal strategy to let your child understand the true value respect & maintaining complete governances.

One of the fascinating things about establishing a personalized ant habitat is that you can check their regular progress, alongside with their daily schedule work that includes building up of their nest, feeding the newborns & questing for foods. For such projects, there are several websites broadcasts that announce “buy live ants for sale” and that too, at a pretty decent reasonable selling price. There are several animal farms that breeds ants, which aren’t venomous & typically ideal for keeping inside the glass cage, which would facilitate the constant monitoring of their progress.

Here are some of the reasons why you should get your champ a kid’s ant habitat:

  • Ants are the only terrestrial species that lives in colonies. And hence, they dig underground, carving their way through the earth, which can observed with close inspection, especially their tunnels that forms an intricate labyrinth of subterranean ecosystem.
  • The ants have different chambers in their labyrinth colony & there are chambers where the queen ant resides & nests the younglings & nurture their growth. Only one queen ant can reside in one single colony.
  • Ants have a strategic technique for maintaining cleanliness & hygiene, since they always take the gargantuan effort to remove the corpse of the dead & decayed ants, far away from the nesting grounds.
  • The feelers on the heads of the ants serves for the purpose of communication – including hearing, seeing, touching & smelling. Without these, the productivity of the ants would be inefficient, and hence ants, when kept in the glass cages, can be seen communicating with others with the aid of the feelers.
  • The ants secretes a chemical called pheromone, that helps to leave a trail behind once they’ve located some food, which would summon other ants to the food origin.
  • The ants are tenacious workers & they’ve the capacity to work 24hours without taking any breaks. Such a model would encourage the children to be efficient in their working skills & would give them a sense of responsibility with the idea of teamwork & joint ventures.

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